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Zero (Polar) Moves up North

Polar came into the shelter with a group of other dogs. Nothing was known about him except that he looked like a Rhodesian Ridgeback but he was white. When Jill Bonkowske, a member of FECCAS, saw him at the shelter, she knew he'd be perfect for

Family with dog on Tailgate of truck
Jill, Tanya, Zero and Judy

her niece, Tonya. Her niece was thrilled. So Jill loaded up the car and met Tonya halfway between Tennessee and Missouri. Polar was a trouper on the ride!

Tonya went through about 12 names before coming up with the name Zero (the dog from Nightmare Before Christmas movie). That was the only name that he finally responded to.

Dog playing with blanket
Zero playing

But they also call him Smiley because he always smiles when he greets you. And Zero has changed their lives for the better. They take more walks now and it’s nice to see how happy he is when they are all together.

Dog playing with tug toy
Happy Zero

He loves to fetch sticks and squeaky balls. He’s become a country dog and loves to chase grasshoppers, flies and butterflies. Every morning before he eats, he goes on a squirrel hunt and sits and listens to squirrels on the porch. He loves to swim and play in the water.

All in all, Zero has the great life with Tonya and her family!

Woman and dog in bed of truck
Tanya and Zero

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