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Milo (Doodles) Keeps an Eye on His Family

Dog named Milo
Milo in his happy home.

Hey guys, it is me Doodles. These new people you sent me to watch keep calling me Milo for some reason. I really do not mind though because they keep keep petting me and feeding me. But they are REALLY, REALLY NEEDY and always lay with me, play with me and love on me. I lay there and pretend that I love it.

This guy took me to a doctor for my "cough" and next thing I know there is a chip in me so if I DO get a chance to escape, the chip makes sure I am returned. Hmm, sounds like they're tracking me.

Three dogs on a sofa
Milo and his friends

I share a bed and a couch with my new brother Ranger and new sister Jersey. We each have our own bowl and it is nice. We all get along and play but Mom and Dad keep trying to make me relax because I was getting coughing fits when I get excited.

Thursday my cough really got a lot better. He keeps putting pills in my food like I do not know it.

I think I will hang around here for 10-20 years, you know, for national security and see what else they are chipping, just in case.

- submitted by John J., Milo's family member

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