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Rascal GROWS into New Home - Angie Odom

Kitten in sweater looking at bunny
Tiny Rascal

Rascal came into the shelter as a tiny kitten all alone; he didn't have any litter mates. I was in the shelter when he arrived, and I had just finished with another foster. He was so tiny, and he looked up with his big eyes and at that moment I knew I had to foster this kitten.

Shortly after that, we were home with COVID for a month. Because we were there all the time, he became part of the family, and we gave him his forever home. He nurtured us as much as we nurtured him.

Very large cat
LARGE Rascal

Everybody loves Rascal. He is a human. He's loveable, comes to us, he even opens our doorknobs. And then this little, tiny kitten ended up being a huge Maine Coon cat. As I say to my friends, "This is what happens when it's a kitten and becomes a bobcat." He's about 3' long and weighs 18 pounds at one year old. He's hilarious. He's very vocal when he's happy. When our Google Home plays bluegrass, he goes over and turns the music up. If he doesn't like it, he turns it down or even off. He sits like a human; he's a very unusual cat.

He's calm but weighs a lot so when my daughter and others need comforting, he's right there. He gives the safety and security of a weighted blanket.

Young girl holding kitten with shelter employee and contract
Adoption day!

Everyone who meets him says, "I want him". This is what you get when you visit the shelter. You don't need to go to a breeder, there are wonderful cats right there in the shelter. And I think rescue animals feel grateful for the love; I know I do.

Two cats in a basket

Tiny kitten

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