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Finn Finds Forever Family

Dog relaxing on chair outside
Finn relaxing at home

Asher (Finn's name before adoption) came to the Shelter as stray who was hit by a car. He was taken to a vet, and it was determined that he had a broken leg. Through a wonderful gift from an anonymous donor, his vet bills were covered, and his leg was fixed. But poor Asher ended up having two more surgeries before he was in tip-top shape. Because of his medical care, Asher was in the shelter for seven months and the staff grew to love this courageous dog.

Then one lucky day Allen & Robyn came to the shelter looking for a companion for their current dog, Sargent (Sarge). As Asher was being walked, he ran straight to Allen and Robyn as if he had known them his entire life. The staff was happy he had found his forever home but did shed a few tears as he was leaving. He was headed for a life of royalty!

dog licking ice cream from a cup
Finn on adoption day

Because his adoption was on St. Patrick's Day, Asher's "forever" name became Finnigan (Finn). He was introduced to Sarge and like many dogs, started off a little cool but they soon warmed up to each other. After a few spats and scuffles the two pups have become their own pack! Sarge has been with Allen and Robyn for six years and is more of a sedate calm alpha male. Finn has made Sarge more active which thankfully will keep him young for a long while more.

two dogs relaxing on a sofa
Sarge and Finn

Things came gradually for Finn and Sarge. Each has their own bed, and the best feeling was one morning coming downstairs to find the two of them curled up on the same bed...absolute success.

Finn is an active, adventurous, loving pup who brings endless laughs and kisses and a few “oh no you didn’t” exclamations, but he certainly is the best addition to Allen and Robyn's family.

composite of Finn in new home playing with Sarge, riding in a truck, relaxing in dog bed, sitting on sofa with man

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